Friday, August 17, 2012

We Like Leafy Herbs

Lately, the plant section at Jusco has been my most frequented place - I've been addicted to buying potted herbs for our tiny balcony. I've had great luck with rosemary, aloe vera, lemongrass but have killed a couple of basil, thyme and oregano.

There is something so satisfying about growing your own edible herbs - watching them get bushier, greener and the delicious scent wafting through the air whenever we step out onto the balcony. I can't seem to find natural compost or worm castings here to use as fertiliser so I've been making do with adding leftover tea, cooked pasta water, rice water and even water from soaking beans to them.The downside is that I don't use pesticides so they get attacked by all kinds of insects :(

Is it me or am I just a basil killer? This is my n-th pot of basil.
Lavender and Thyme.
Rosemary is incredibly resilient *knocks on wood* I've forgotten to water it countless times

The best part of growing herbs is just going out with a pair of scissors and snipping them whenever you need some for cooking.The flavour of fresh herbs are so intense and not to mention, so much cheaper than buying cut herbs from the veggie section.

Many a time, this pizza recipe has been our go to emergency dinner for times we can't be bothered to cook anything more time consuming. Get a sheet of frozen puff pastry, a dab of tomato paste, add some sliced mushrooms and chopped garlic, smother with cheese and the secret ingredient: fresh herbs. Guaranteed instant yumminess!


  1. Maybe you should share your gardening tips too. Have been tryin to plant rosemary and thyme for he longest time but it never works. So far what I've got is basil. :(

    1. Basil keeps dying on me unfortunately. Rosemary is so resilient, I think the trick is to not over water it!


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