Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vanishing Memories: Street Art & Penang Houses

A skinny kid with a lopsided helmet perched on his grandpa's motorbike, a little boy giggling as he brings his ferocious pet monster out for a walk on its collar and leash ... thank you Ernest Zacharevic for bringing the walls of Penang back to life again with these interactive street murals at Ah Quee Street.

The collection of street art have made the inner heritage city area of Penang the talk of the town and not a day goes by tourists and locals flocking to engage with them. Be quick to snap some photos before the harsh sun fades away these beautiful paintings into nothing more than memories :)

And just a stone's throw from Ah Quee Street is Armenian Street (named after Armenian traders who had shops there long ago) with its rows of beautiful heritage buildings.

If the old walls of the Swatow Lodging House could talk, I wonder what tales it could tell, maybe stories of migrants filled with hopes gone by, of an old Penang that attracted merchants and labourers who willing to work hard in exchange for a better future.

Cafes are slowly re-opening around the area, taking care to do their bit by greening up Penang with one plant at a time.

Is anyone loving Penang as much as I do right now? :)

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