Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bits and Bobs of Sunshine

There are times where I feel as upset and whinny as the little downhearted duckling from Tom & Jerry. Nothing seems to be going right, everything is all wrong and I just want to wallow in self misery for a while. Yes I know, there are other bigger problems in the world, but there are times where I moan and grumble.

Quacker in the Downhearted Duckling aka What I'm Feeling at the Moment
I try to cheer myself with little bits of happiness.

Wearing a pale grey striped skirt with ruffly, soft tulle seems to helps.

Spotting the raddest silver earring that Chescada is wearing. It's handmade by one of our co-workers and I promptly placed an order with black stones at her site. Chescada and I are wearing them 90s style with just 1 side only ;)


Having a scrumptious lunch of beef teriyaki topped with a soft cooked egg and generous dousings of Japanese chilli powder (the four of us nearly finished the entire bottle, it was that good with the rice) followed with Qbean soy ice cream - best combination ever.

And seeing this definitely brought a smile to my face - the Enid Blyton Famous Five 70th anniversary special edition released with new covers designed by much loved children's illustrators. Needless to say, my favourite cover's by Quentin Blake. It brought back many happy memories of afternoons huddled up with Julian, Dick, George, Anne and of course Timmy.

So what do you do when you're wallowing in self misery?


  1. Loving the skirt! So girly! For me it's online shopping, lol and playing with my girl who somehow makes me always smile no matter what with her antics.

    1. On a shopping ban at the moment, lol, have been spending way too much!


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