Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some Kind of Amazing ...

Has been popping up around the inner city walls of Penang lately.

Just in time for Penang George Town festival, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has been immortalising iconic images of adults and children alike by painting them in murals and clever street art on the old colonial walls.

The street art has been the most popular with people actually queuing up to take photos with it. At first glance, these seem deceptively simple, just a boy tip toeing on a chair and children cycling on an adult's bicycle. Look closer and you'll notice that while the children are paintings, the props, i.e. the wooden chair and the old fashioned bicycle are real ;) Interesting, no?

It has provoked all kinds of responses from the public, people snapping photos of themselves pretending to chase after the bicycle, I have seen many cars slow down for a better look of the street art and passersby whipping out their camera phones (I'm guilty as charged)/huge SLRs/cutesy compact cameras just to capture a tiny piece of fascinating Penang.

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