Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mee Sotong at Esplanade and a Thai Food Discovery

The mee goreng sotong (fried noodles with squid) at Esplanade is a hit amongst locals. Come lunch time, the entire food court would be filled with people, waiting with an expectant look on their faces.  Every time the mee goreng guy walks by with plates of steaming hot noodles, you can see their bodies tensing, heads looking up, hoping that it's theirs.

Bear in mind that there is at least a 30 min wait, so it's best not to go when you're too ravenous. The other highlight there is the coconut shake: a delicious concoction of coconut water blended with vanilla ice cream. It is also the first time at a food court that I'd to wait 30 minutes for drinks to be served as there were soooo many orders before us :(


After what seemed like an eternity, both food and drinks arrived. Hubs kept whining for me to snap the photos as fast as possible so he could wolf them down. And was the wait worth it? The noodles were good and a bit on the dry side which I really liked. The best bit was the sotong curry, it was incredible! Sweet and immensely spicy, I was glad I didn't ask the guy to tambah pedas (make it more spicy) as I was already sweating buckets while eating it. The creamy cold coconut shake was the perfect complement to the noodles.

With our appetites satisfied, we could now appreciate the crumbling beauty of Fort Cornwallis when we walked back to the car park. It was an immensely hot, sunny day and there were many tourists walking around the area.  

I have this fascination for really old stone walls of buildings and can't resist the urge to go over to rub my fingers against the age weathered bricks. It makes me feel really connected to the past, the idea of how so many people before me walking past, touching and feeling the exact same building that has stood there throughout time.

We found a stall at 1 Stop selling yummy Thai desserts. The coconut ice cream definitely got a huge thumbs up from me - the ice cream had a very strong coconut-y flavour and was layered with peanuts, sticky rice and some kind of bread/bun/soft crouton. Hubs is a huge fan of mango sticky rice and can never pass it up. It's priced very reasonably at RM5 for a huge portion.

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