Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ah Seng Char Bee Hoon

Economy char bee hoon (stir fried rice vermicelli) is one of the food I find the most fascinating - originally deigned  as a quick meal for the financially strapped, it has evolved to become one of Penang's best loved hawker stall offerings. KL folks often get their friends here to tah pao (take away) packets of this to KL on road trips. 

Ah Seng Char Bee Hoon at Kimberley Street is something of a Penang institution. The stall has been there for years and gets a steady following of customers. It's all takeaway and everything is ready cooked to perfection so there's hardly any wait time.

You get a choice of bee hoon (rice vermicelli), mee (yellow noodles) and koay teow (flat rice noodles) which allows many permutations of yummy mix and matches. My personal favourite is bee hoon mee. You're even allowed to choose the type of chili: sliced pickled green chilies or sambal like red chili sauce - if you're feeling frisky, you could always add both at the same time.

What makes Ah Seng char bee hoon a standout is that he adds a sprinkling of tek gah kee (fried bean curd sticks). These things are the best ever! They're crispy and crunchy, adding a nice bit of contrast to the soft noodles. They're so much in demand that if you request for extra tek gah kee, you get charged an extra 50 cents which to me, is very much worth it. Mmmmm ...


  1. Oh I miss Malaysian hawker food....

    SSG xxx

    1. It's soooo good that I try to block my mind out from the hygiene factor, haha


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